Sunday, 24 June 2012

One and Done

  One day, two sessions, in little (and I mean tiny) Portrush peelers.
Looking at todays 3 inch onshore gloop only reminds me of how fun it was...

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

I've been framed...

Everyone has the occasional sneaky little drop in amongst friends, but rarely are they caught on camera. Massive thanks to Dara Oh who anonymously snapped a few shots and was good enough to leave a note and email address under the wiper. Thanks mate!

Stevey off the top when there wasn't a longboard in the way

Yours truly eyeing up a wee wan...

Thanks again to Dara and check out

ps. There also seems to be a bit of a problem with So if you still want to check out my infrequent updates point your browers to!

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Irish Intervarsity's 2011 Results

Ione Byrne raises the cup on behalf of the overall winners, Sligo IT

Sligo IT claimed the 2011 the Irish Student National Surf Championships held on the 19th-20th of February beating stiff competition from the hosts, University of Ulster Coleraine who came second, Queens University Belfast third and Trinity College Dublin fourth. A total of 8 clubs and 125 entrants from across Ireland contested the two-day event at Portrush’s West Strand in 1-2ft clean waves, groomed by light offshore winds.

Poor conditions did however postpone the start of the contest to Saturday afternoon when it commenced with the 1st round of the novice competitions and the championship’s first ever stand up paddle event, won by Sligo IT.

After a fantastic night’s entertainment, competitors awoke to a small consistent wave across the beach allowing the remaining heats to take place. The call proved a good one and by the afternoon the pushing tide provided a more than contestable wave for the finals to take place in.

The novice category again proved to be the most contested with over 70 entries between the men and women’s divisions. The very worthy eventual titles went to Moira Donoghue (IT Carlow) in the women’s division and David Lynch (UCC) in the men's.

The men’s longboard final proved a close affair with UUC’s Rory McNeary narrowly defeating Sligo IT’s Christian McCleod whilst the women’s longboard title was taken in style by Sligo’s Ione Byrne. Sligo also collected both the men and women’s bodyboard titles with the honours going to Ryan McEnroe and Nicole Schiffer.

In the Women’s Open Easkey Britton (UUC) took her 3rd open title at the Championships and as the light faded, the waves grew leaving 4 clubs to battle for the coveted Troggs Men’s Open title. As anticipated by his performance in previous heats the improving conditions provided a stage for event standout, Sligo IT's Ronan Oertzen who earned top spot and simultaneously attained the prize for highest two wave total, sponsored by Portrush Surf School.

The University of Ulster Surf Club would like to thank all who took part and the contests sponsors:,, Flow Boards Ireland, Bundoran Surf Co., Woodies Surf Shop, Portrush Surf School,, Lahinch Surf Shop, Incide and The Playhouse Portrush.

Special thanks go to Causeway Coast Surf Club, the Irish Surf Association and Coleraine Borough Council for their invaluable help and experience.

-Thomas Smyth

Men's Open finalist Owen Murphy making the most of the small conditions on Sunday Morning

Longboards found the going slightly easier. QUB's Brian Cox finding some tip time to progress to the mens longboard final.

Your's truly couldn't match last years form and failed to progress through the first round.
The men and women's novice divisions were again hotly contested with over 70 entrants between them.
Sligo IT's Christian McLeod finding a shapely wave in the mens longboard final.
The swell steadily improved for the finals. Easkey Britton on a West Bay peak.

Ronan, Stephen, Aaron and Owen all battling for position in the Troggs Mens Open Final

The fading light and growing breeze didn't stop a good crowd for gathering to watch the finals.

The winning team

Men's Open finalists with Trogg's Andy Hill

Massive thanks to Adam and Andy for the shots!

Full list of results:

Mens Open

1st Ronan Oertzen (SIT)

2nd Owen Murphy (GMIT)

3rd Aaron Dees (QUB)

4th Stephen Murray (UUC)

Womens Open

1st Easkey Britton (UUC)

2nd Clare Stephens (QUB)

3rd Niamh Marie Smyth (QUB)

3rd Alice Jameson (TCD)

Mens Longboard

1st Rory McNeary (UUC)

2nd Christian McLeod (SIT)

3rd Brian Cox (QUB)

4th Cathal Sheridan (CIT)

Womens Longboard

1st Ione Byrne (SIT)

2nd Daniela Eckstein (UUC)

Mens Bodyboard

1st Ryan McEnroe (SIT)

2nd Patrick Alan O’Connaire (GMIT)

Womens Bodyboard

1st N. Schiffer (SIT)

Mens Novice

1st David Lynch (UCC)

2nd Luke Storey (UUC)

3rd Colin Burgess (QUB)

4th Adam Karakurt (IT Carlow)

Womens Novice

1st Moira Donoghue (IT Carlow)

2nd Alice Garcia (IT Carlow)

3rd Maria Hall (QUB)

4th Aoibhin Curran (TCD)

Stand Up Paddle

1st Sligo IT

2nd Carlow IT

3rd Queens University Belfast

4th Trinity College Dublin

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Irish Intervarsities 2011

Intervarsities 2011. Give me a shout if you want any more info!

Friday, 10 December 2010

Birthday Fix...

Yours truly. Not this evening but making the best of litte'un few weeks back.

Try to get a surf on my Birthday every year and managed to sneak a quick one before dark. Wasn't the best conditions but waves are waves and its my first time in the water for nearly 3/4 weeks!

Also have the internet at home again after 18 months without, so you'll hopefully find a few more posts here too!

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Caught on Camera...

Wednesday Very small but very clean and surprisingly alot of fun. Carl from Troggs Surf School snapped this shot of yours truly angry stepping!

Thursday Those rocks? That poo stance? Hooded and booted? Yes indeed it is me. Snapped by Gary McCall and gleaned from MSW. I thoroughly recommend looking at some of his shots without me spoiling them here!

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Part Deux.

Part II as promised. Steve took over the camera whilst I went back in to enjoy the mornings remainders.

Walking to the temple.

Getting there. Just need to learn to it with style!
Autumn textures.
Big thanks to Steve for the shots. You took some beauties!

Smoke on the water.
Stoked and speculating!